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Bar Brosé
231A Victoria Street
Darlinghurst, NSW2010
Official Website

Yes Way Brosé

You had us at Merlot...

Brosé (noun): a blush or rosé wine shared with your friends, or bros.

Ok, we’ll fist bump to that.

This place has been swimming in a sea of great reviews recently.  And rightly so.  Which means we can probably skip mentioning things like:

  • The Late Night Sandwich.  Not to be confused with a late night sandwich.  This art form is revered and timeless.  It’s also a bro food staple.  Allow us to put this eloquently: Nailed it.
  • There’s a Bloomin’ Onion.  It’s an Australian take on an American take on an Australian dish.  And just like that we’ve officially come full circle.  Your move, Outback Steakhouse.
  • Duck liver parfait with pumpernickel, roasted grapes and walnuts.  Take a moment, and let that sink in.

But no need to mention all that.  Because, you know, we all knew that stuff already.

We forego the aforementioned chewables with valid reason, however, and move towards more liquid pursuits.  Specifically, their organic and natural wine selection, which co-owner and self-proclaimed wine enthusiast Ed Loveday describes as:

Wines made with a metric tonne of love and consideration for the soil they come from and for the consumer that drinks them.

Cheers to that.  And because we love to love you, we’ve included a very special drink recipe that Ed concocted just for The Kind Tribe.  We are going on record here to say that we were willing to play poison tester during the creation of this (yeah, we’re team players like that) and have affectionately named it One Of A Kind Tribe.

Another round, please.

One Of A Kind Tribe

45 ml Rondo Aperitivo
30 ml Grapefruit juice
90 ml Prosecco
Dash of soda

Build all ingredients in a wine glass over ice and garnish with a sprig of Thai basil

*Rondo Aperitivo is an organic bitter from Alto Adige. It sits somewhere between Aperol and Campari, both in bitterness and in alcohol content.  Look for it in specialty bottle shops (and/or Bar Brosé).

Serve with a smile


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Written by Lauren

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