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Yoga from the SKY
Every Wednesday morning
6:45 am- 7:55 am
Sydney Tower Eye
Entrance via Level 5
Westfield Shopping Centre
Sydney, NSW 2000
Official Website

Third Eye in the Sky

This is the very literal definition of taking your yoga practice to new heights.



That’s the sound effects of us being captivated by the views from Sydney Tower Eye.  If you happen to be a person who likes dazzling views, a person that likes yoga and/or a person who likes telling their coworkers about the amazing morning they just had then please read on…

Still with us?  Ok great, carry on.  This one is for the dreamers who have gazed up at a skyline or landmark and thought, “Man, I’d love to do yoga on or around that.”  What? You’ve never thought that?  Well, you’re about to.

As far as morning yoga practices go, you may find it hard to top this one.  Because you will be enjoying a 45 minute Hatha style class from way way above Sydney.

Every Wednesday morning Sydney Tower Eye is decking out the Observation Deck with yoga mats, so you can focus on your breath while enjoying 360° breathtaking views.

There will also be healthy breakfast snacks served afterwards.  Which is considerate because it’s not like anywhere you go to grab brekkie is going to beat that.

Working theory:  Sun salutations are more effective when you’re closer to the sun.  To be confirmed.

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Written by Lauren

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