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In the immortal words of Alice Cooper, “Schools out forever.”  Ok cool… now what?  Hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere.  And sometimes that first step into uncharted territory can be the most challenging of them all.  When it comes to snagging your dream job, trying to find it can become a job in and of itself.  So to help you on your way or to serve as a super helpful refresher course, we’ve recruited (hehe) friend of the Tribe, natural therapist herself and go getter Linda of Natural Therapist Jobs to point us in the right direction.  Natural Therapist Jobs is Australia’s first job board for natural therapists and the only dedicated career resource for those trying to access industry specific career advice, quality jobs and support.  Their mission is to provide the best roles and support tools for natural therapists to gain employment and match employers with the right candidates.  Read on to hear some of Linda’s words of wisdom…

How to land your dream job fresh out of college or University

Landing your dream job with having zero experience is possible. You just need to manifest like crazy and put as much effort into landing that job as you did when studying for your exams.  This can be achieved by focusing on your achievements, your skills and what you can offer in the role and the organisation.

It’s never too late to volunteer your time. Have a think about what skills you are looking to gain and what you will be able to offer. Reach out to charities that align to you and what you may offer. For example contact Oz Harvest or the Cancer Council and see if you could provide a free seminar to staff or volunteers on the importance of nutrition in the workplace. Or if you just graduated as a yoga instructor see if you can run a free or complimentary yoga session for staff or events. Charities love free help, the more assistance they can get the more they can deliver to support their end mission.

Continue to network wherever you can. Attend workshops, seminars, and events. Create your own personal branded business cards, start networking and see how you can help others in their journey, or how you might be able to connect with potential employers.

E network
You can also do this virtually too. Connect on Facebook in groups where other like-minded people are. Post that you are on the look out for your dream role and see if anyone has any connections. The virtual world is full of people willing to assist you.

Consider if your dream organisation would be open to an internship. This is a great way to show them your initiative and you can almost try before you buy in this approach, which works both ways. I have seen many times how interns become employees and it occurs rather fast. Which is a great way to get your foot in the door.

Apply for the role
What have you got to lose if you just go ahead and apply for your dream role? Nothing! When you apply for a role with limited experience, first advice, don’t dwell on it. First things first you will need to really jazz up your cover letter. Ensure you research the organisation and the role. Ensure that your one-page cover letter addresses the job criteria and marry that with your skills/experience and what you can offer the employer by them hiring you. Try not to sound cheesy like, ‘you won’t regret hiring me’. Try to remain positive and enthusiastic like, ‘I welcome the opportunity to learn more about this amazing role from XYZ company’.

There you go you’re well on your way to landing that dream job. Don’t let the absence of skills and experience deter you.  If you have your eye on the prize and determination, you will land your dream role. If you need a hand writing up emails when job searching head to Natural Therapist Jobs where you will find six free email templates to assist you when landing that dream job.

About Natural Therapist Jobs:
Natural Therapist Jobs is Australia’s first job board and career resource hub for natural therapists, connecting therapists and employers in the natural therapy industry. It’s the only career hub for natural therapists to access industry specific career resources, tools, advice, jobs and support.
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Contributor Credits: Linda, Founder of Natural Therapist Jobs 


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Written by Lauren

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