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The Swag
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The Eco-Conscious Product Your Fresh Produce Has Been Waiting For.

The Swag is the eco-conscious bag that's changing the way we store our fresh produce. Plus The Kind Tribe chats to The Swag creator Peita Pini.

“We demand better.” – Your fruit and vegetables.

To be perfectly honest with you, we don’t actually know if your fruit and/or veggies really said that.  No one knows.  They don’t have mouths.  But we have a hunch that’s what they would be saying if they could.

And fair enough really.  Poor things, sitting in the fridge, spoiling before their time.  We say it’s long overdue that their demands are answered.  But what could make your produce feel more funky fresh and swagalicious, you may be asking?  Well, it’s actually called The Swag.  It’s a storage bag that is so good in fact, you’ll be wanting to use them again and again.  Which is great, because they’re reusable.  And sustainable.  So that’s kind of the idea.

Let’s start with the basics:  The Swag is an environmentally-friendly storage bag designed to keep fruit and veggies fresher for longer.  Like much longer.  As for why that’s a good thing: On average, Australia wastes over four million tonnes of food each year.  Don’t rush to find your calculator, we’ve done the hard work for you… and it comes out to 523kg per household.

These washable and reusable produce bags are made from unique layers of 100% natural, unbleached, unseeded cotton.   They’re also non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and it reduces the consequences that discarded plastic bags are having on the environment.  Ok, seems like a winning combo.

Here’s how it works: The Swag extends the life of your produce, because it enhances hydration, promotes breathing and prolongs ethylene build up.

Now for the technical bits: They’re made up of three distinctive layers, each playing a significant role in prolonging the life span of fresh produce.  The outer layer provides protection and reduces dehydration.  Below that, there’s a thick central layer that absorbs and holds the bulk of moisture, allowing fresh produce to breathe and hydrate at their own pace.  We all know the importance of breathing.  And finally below that, the inner layer provides a dryer protection barrier but still allows fruit & veggies to draw on the air and water individually needed to stay fresher for longer.

Fun fact: Much like a classic Aussie Swag, ‘The Swag’ can be rolled up just like traditional swag would be.  Seriously, they look exactly the same.  Classic.

Token mind-blowing statistic: An estimated 3.76 billion plastic bags are disposed of in landfill sites throughout Australia every year and, approximately one billion seabirds and mammals die each year by ingesting plastic bags.  Yeah, that’s not cool.

A healthy touch of backstory: Australian entrepreneur Peita Pini spent over four years working on the concept after noticing fruit and veggies sweating when sealed in plastic bags or containers.  This insight led her on years of research, sourcing, testing and refining The Swag to develop the product to what it is today.

These bags are speaking to us.  And we couldn’t help asking Peita to speak to us as well.  Continue on to check out her answers to our Q&A.

To me success is: Feeling passionate about what I do, doing something that makes a difference to the world and feeling proud of how I’m conducting my life (most of the time).

Whom or what inspires me the most: My parents are a great inspiration to me.  They taught me to be resilient, compassionate and to use my intuition.  They also instilled in me a deep love of nature and concern for the legacy we’re leaving our children.

My young children are an ongoing inspiration.  Whilst I was getting The Swag to market – their belief, enthusiasm and encouragement got me though some difficult times when I simply wanted to give up.

A professional obstacle I have overcome: Working full time in media whilst getting The Swag to market was one of my biggest challenges. Coming home from work, cooking dinner, bathing, homework, books, bed, housework then sitting down at 9.30pm to start work on The Swag.  As exhausting as that all sounds, my commitment, passion, children and belief in what I’m doing really kept me going.

The best thing about running my own business: To have the choice of who I deal with, to surround myself with people who have a common belief around natural products, reducing use of plastics and doing things to help our environment.  Its also very humbling to receive so much positive feedback from users of The Swag – I call them my Swaggers.  My eyes well up with tears on a daily basis from the overwhelmingly positive and encouraging feedback from Swaggers… it’s truly incredible.

One thing I’d want people to know about The Swag: The Swag is made with love and integrity, designed to help address two major issues facing our world today; reducing food wastage and reducing use of plastic.  Customers will also save money and be living a less toxic life. It’s win-win all ’round.

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Written by Lauren

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