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Sleep Temple Is Our Favourite Way To Make The Bed

If you’ve been looking for affordable luxury sheets and bedding, go ahead and consider this your look no further moment.  And thank goodness, because that sounds exhausting.

Sleep Temple is serious about delivering on what has-until now- been all too elusive: luxury bedding at a fraction of the price.  You might be wondering how we know this?  It’s pretty simple.  We’ve tried them.  And we love them.  After snoozing on these sheets for a while now, we can report that they are essentially the embodiment of every time we’ve ever stayed at a hotel and dreamed we could have those same sheets on our bed at home.

When it comes to quality and feel, they’ve managed to walk that fine line between softness and crispness.  And while that crispness stays the same no matter how many times they’ve visited the wash, their softness only increases.  Nifty trick there.

The look is clean, white and timeless.  Which is kind of the all-time crowd pleaser in the realm of bedding.  And as for the aesthetics, they’ve managed to create a refined and classic look that’s inviting at the same time.  These aren’t just another good purchase, they’re a standout.

Let’s cosy up with some of the ways Sleep Temple are making the bed differently.

1. Sleep Temple wants to disrupt the way bed sheets are bought.  They craft their sheets to the highest standards and deliver them directly so that you can enjoy the best comfort at an unheard of price.  Our sleep will certainly not be disrupted by that news. 

2. They are ridiculously soft.  Enough said.

3.  Sleep Temple offers two different collections.  The Essentials Collection combines crisp breathability with extreme softness.  Yes, the softness is extreme (circle back to point 2 if you need a refresher).  And the Lush Collection which is even more soft and silky. Basically, they’re next level.  Can’t decide?  You can mix and match.  Maybe you want your sheets softness to be ridiculously extreme and your pillow cases to be next level?  That can happen.

4. They come with eco-friendly packaging, a recyclable box and a tote bag.  They also come with a fun unboxing experience specifically for increased levels of happiness.  That’s all we’re saying.  No spoilers here.

5. There’s handy (and brilliant) ‘long’ and ‘short’ side tags on the fitted sheet to make it easier to make your bed.  This may be the most simple yet ingenious move that’s ever been made.  No more guessing, trying to hold up your sheets, wondering if someone switched your mattress when you weren’t looking, wondering if you shrunk your sheets, realising that you have them on the wrong way – wait- no you don’t… or do you?  Cue the slow motion team high five moment.

One of the fundamental ideas behind The Kind Tribe is being kind to yourself.  Quality bedding not only looks and feels great, but it can help you sleep better at night.  And now it doesn’t have break the bank in the process.  If our bed is a temple, we are worshiping these sheets.

The good people at Sleep Temple have given our readers free shipping on purchases! Use code KINDTRIBE at the last stage of checkout to claim your discount. –

Sponsored Kindness | This article was bought to you proudly in collaboration with Sleep Temple.

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Written by Lauren

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