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The Rusty Rabbit
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It’s Brunch And Bobbleheads At The Rusty Rabbit

Exposed sandstone.  Rustic décor.  Cosy meets stylish.  Airy windows with adequate amounts of indoor plants.  Copious wood trim.  Coffee aromas.  Catchy but subtle music… These are just a few of the things we know, and well, kind of expect from a favourite brunch spot.  Ok, glad we’re all in agreement there.

But then The Rusty Rabbit hopped onto the scene and decided to add just a drop of character to that whole brunch situation.  And by “drop” we mean, of course, tsunami.  What makes The Rusty Rabbit solid gold?  We can’t wait to tell you.

The menu: Before we even discuss the actual items on menu, allow us to point out the actual menu cover.  Which happens to double as a colouring book.  Handy, because sometimes after a long night or over a warm cup of coffee you just need to express yourself through art.  Express away.

Bobbleheads: They really tie the room together.  The entire place is basically home to a very large assembly of figurines and bobbleheads.  Make sure you man up accordingly. When there’s superhero toys watching you, you’ll eat your breakfast and you’ll like it.

Instafamous: Prepare your favourite filter and ready your hashtags, because some of their favourite Instagram posts are displayed à la Polaroid picture in a Wall of Fame (could read shame, but definitely fame) style set-up.

The merch: Some of life’s best moments require a commemorative t-shirt to be purchased.  This is no exception.  And of course, novelty socks, if you’re into that sort of thing.  Fun fact: we are definitely into that sort of thing.

Ok, now the food:

  • Corn Fitters: This is an obvious go to.  We have yet to find a scenario when vegetables fashioned as pancakes isn’t a great decision.
  • Lamb Eggs: Winner.  And also, don’t worry it’s not lamb’s eggs.  A subtle yet important grammatical distinction.  But it would certainly be a cool party trick.  Your move science.

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a delicious breakfast with a hearty serving of fun, you want to go down this rabbit hole.

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Written by Lauren

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