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The Kind Tribe Collabs with Jonny Stofko

The Kind Tribe Q&A’s with Jonny Stofko

The Kind Tribe is catching up with entrepreneur, leadership coach and one of our favourite podcast hosts, Jonny Stofko.

WE LOVE A GOOD VISION BOARD.  And it would seem that Jonny Stofko does as well.   He’s a health and fitness professional, entrepreneur and cohost of the internationally acclaimed show The Vision Board Podcast.  As Australia’s #1 success driven podcast, The Vision Board’s weekly guests range from Athletes, Fighters, Entrepreneurs, Health & Fitness Experts, Nutritionists, Business Experts, Authors and Teachers.  Jonny has interviewed some of the worlds most influential people in fitness and business, learning from the likes of Elliott Hulse, Gary Vaynerchuk, Evander Holyfield, Grant Cardone, Dr John DeMartini.  He also happens to be one of the most natural leaders you’ll ever meet, with a knowledge and a passion for coaching and helping others achieve success.  Solid combo.  Jonny is doing what he does well and doing a lot of it.

The Kind Tribe caught up with him to chat training, motivation and success.  Among other things.  We just love it when the interviewer become the interviewee (insert brooding laugh here).  Read on to check out his answers to our Q&A.

I would love to give a hug to: My mom

My favourite way to unwind is: Float tank

Morning or night person: Morning

My typical training routine looks like: 5 day split.  A mix of powerlifting and calisthenics.

If I could offer only one piece of advice about health and fitness to someone just starting to make a change it would be: Be patient and have fun

The best advice I’ve been told: Subtract the things in your life that no longer suit.

To me kindness is: Essential

Suit or athleticwear: Athleticwear

In my industry, the eye rolling advice I hear given way too much: “Buy my 12 week shred program.”

Success in one word: Authenticity

A quote or mantra that motivates me:  “If I’ve seen farther than you, it’s by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Newton

A little known fact about me is: I’ve appeared in 5+ movies and the series Entourage.

My spirit animal: Peregrine falcon

I’m currently reading: 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

Want more from Jonny?  Check out his website, Instagram or Facebook.  And tune in to The Vision Board Podcast.

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Written by Lauren

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