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The Kind Tribe Q&A’s with Jane Lu

The Kind Tribe is hanging with Showpo Founder, super babe and girl boss extraordinaire Jane Lu.


THIS IS THE CLASSIC TALE of sometimes DO quit your day job.  Jane Lu is the entrepreneur and founder behind the wildly successful online fashion retailer Showpo.  And in a few short years, Jane has taken Showpo from zero to hero.  Named one of five Australian startups to watch in 2016 by Business Insider, they’re doing millions of dollars of sales and shipping to 45 countries.   Not to mention, Showpo is currently sitting at over 1 million instagram followers.  Hashtag you go girl.  That ain’t bad.  But it wasn’t always ankle boots and pinot grigio for Jane.  Her trajectory was originally pointed in a very different direction.

After immigrating to Australia with her family at age 8 and earning a strong academic record, her foray into the business world started as a coveted cadetship with one of the Big Four accounting firms.  But, one day while staring into the spreadsheet abyss, she decided that it was time to ditch the “cubicle life”.  At the thought of “Now what?”, Jane realised that one of the things she DID enjoy was running weekend market stalls with her friends.  And with much enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, she set off to start her first business.  One month later that business failed.  But, undeterred, another month after that she dusted herself off and got back on the horse.  Or show pony as the case was…

What started off with a laptop and two shelves of clothing is now an online global fashion empire.  These days Jane’s picking up awards and accolades with about the same frequency we collect activewear (we have a lot of activewear…).  She’s redefining what it means to be a CEO, growing her company by thinking outside the usual business channels, and she’s a huge advocate for other business owners, entrepreneurs and start ups.

Jane’s story is a perfect reminder that the path toward achieving goals and success usually isn’t linear.  She operates on the unshakable belief that once you have found a job you love, you’ll never have to work another day in your life.  Read on to see her answers to The Kind Tribe Q&A’s.

My proudest achievement to date: Building Showpo from my parents’ garage to an amazing team of 25!  And being able to do so without any external funding or startup capital.

The hardest part about starting a business is: To grow the business we need to constantly take risks, which is always hard when you have a team that relies on you and there’s often no guidance as to which is the right route to take.

My absolute favourite item in my wardrobe right now: I never thought of myself as a denim shirt or jacket person, but I tried this jacket on the other day and have been obsessed and have been wearing it with everything!

Red or white wine: I love both!! Pinot gris if I plan on a big night, rose for day drinking  and shiraz any other time hehe.

The most fun thing about my job: Working with such an awesome team!

The staple item that every girl boss should own: All you need is your phone these days- I live off google calendar.  What you really need (not to own but to have in your life) is a 2IC that you can trust to bounce ideas off and to help you build your business (as in second in charge, a go-to person at work, a right hand man).

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned along the way: Don’t follow the competition.

My go to accessory: Black ankle boots

What success means to me: Being fulfilled with what I do and loving every day of my life (rather than living for the weekend).

My ultimate stress buster:  Wine, or if it’s work that I’m stressed about at night, since I’m a night owl anyway, I just get up and do it!

My spirit animal: Tiger

I’m currently reading: Good to Great by Jim Collins.

To see more from Showpo, fall in love with their looks here.  Or join the fabulousity on their Facebook and Instagram.

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Written by Lauren

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