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Grace Lever The Kind Tribe Q&A's Kindness Collaborations

The Kind Tribe Q&A’s With Grace Lever

The Kind Tribe is chatting with one of our very favourite Girl Bosses, Grace Lever. Grace works with other female entrepreneurs from around the world, helping them create balanced, enjoyable and successful businesses of their own.

Grace Lever The Kind Tribe Q&A's Kindness Collaborations Profile

AS THE SAYING GOES, “SHE MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT.”  Grace Lever could very well be the embodiment of  that statement.  Grace has successfully built a business doing what she loves to do, and now she has made it her mission to prepare, empower and inspire other women to build their own successful business and enterprises.

She launched, a website providing easy to follow guidance and support for other women and practical tools to turn their ideas into a profitable business that fits in with their ideal life.  Having successfully run six businesses of her own in the past, Grace has plenty of experience navigating the ups and downs that come along with being an entrepreneur.  Perhaps part of what makes Grace’s appeal so wide spread is her honest and authentic demeanor combined with her ability to make building a business not only understandable but achievable.  After overcoming her own challenges and frustrations along the way, Grace reminds other entrepreneurs that it may not always be easy, but it is certainly possible.  She now works exclusively with female entrepreneurs who are ready to “stop dreaming and start doing”.

Through her online workshops, Grace is able to reach women across the globe, spreading her message of good old-fashioned ‘Doing’, via these live ‘Doing Days’.  Grace is able to connect with her growing community during these Doing Days, and the attendees have the opportunity to learn practical techniques, hands-on processes and proven systems that can then be applied to their own businesses.  She has also launched The Doing Academy.  This is an online members group providing female entrepreneurs with the tools for them to develop automated and long-term strategies aimed at helping them to create a profitable lifestyle business.

Grace Lever’s life philosophy is centered on this principle of ‘doing’, and it is with this mentality she empowers other female entrepreneurs to build profitable (and enjoyable!) businesses by “getting stuff done together”.

After streamlining and automating her multiple online businesses, Grace was able to relocate from Sydney to her favourite part of Australia, the wine region of the Adelaide Hills, where she lives her lifestyle dream with her husband and puppy!

Read on to check out Grace’s thoughtful and insightful answers to our Q&A.

My tip for managing a work/life balance is: Someone wise once told me “show me your calendar and I’ll show you your priorities”.  I’ve always remembered it and its stuck with me as its so true that scheduling in your work AND your life is something that must become a daily practice.  If we don’t, holidays, life and family moments just don’t happen!  So I’m a stickler for scheduling a calendar that reflects my work AND life priorities 🙂

One thing I wish I’d known from the start: That on the other side of each challenge is awesome-ness.  With each challenge I’ve faced as an entrepreneur, I can now look back and realise it was just before something incredible was discovered or achieved.  But at the time, it feels like one insurmountable challenge that you just can’t handle!  I try and remember that now when I feel out of my depth… there’s a very strong chance that something incredible is on the other side of this door.

The best advice I’ve heard or been told along the way: “The person who speaks the loudest and most consistently wins”. When sharing my message and Genius Zone, I was initially too nervous to really get it out there in the world and it took me awhile to get comfortable with advertising my business.  It started to click and become a priority when I made my first online sale.  A woman called Grace bought my first online program…and it wasn’t a test – it was a real person from the other side of the world!  And when it comes to consistency, it breaks my heart when I see a female entrepreneur who’s SO close to nailing it, just give up.  I’ve realised being an entrepreneur is all about the long game and being resilient through the challenges because the people you’re helping are worth it!

The toughest thing about my job: Switching off.  When you’re doing what you love and working in your Genius Zone (that thing that comes so naturally to you), you have to force yourself to stop thinking and talking about it all the time!

The most rewarding thing about my job: Hearing the incredible “Doing Stories” from women all across the world and the impact our programs and community is having on their mindset, their family, their business – incredible!  I’m especially a sucker for the video stories we receive and am often left in tears when I can see that a woman finally realises what she’s capable of with just a little helping hand.

My favourite wine in the Barossa Valley: Sparkling Shiraz is a hands-down favourite!  I LOVE a bottle of the Chateau Tanunda sparkling red in front of the fire with my puppy and hubby.

A professional obstacle I’ve overcome: Figuring out what my market really really wanted was one of the biggest obstacles I’ve had to overcome as a female entrepreneur.  I remember one moment in particular when my message wasn’t cutting through after a face-to-face event and I was crying in the car, wallowing in self-pity!  I realised there in that moment that I had to go back to the drawing board as the message wasn’t working because I wasn’t giving them what they really really wanted and needed.  I changed my entire program and product and the next day, received a standing ovation and had people rushing to join my program.  That’s when I realised I’d finally figured out what my market really really wanted!

My biggest motivator: In the early days, I was motivated by a few big goals – lifestyle, money and removing as much pain and stress from other female entrepreneur’s journeys as I could.  Now that the business has grown exponentially and I’ve been able to reach my lifestyle and money goals, its still about the female entrepreneurs we impact every day but also about using the income we generate to be able to support Aussie families financially that need it.  Once a business is stable and the motivation changes from personal goals to external goals, well, there becomes a much more fulfilling and profound reason to get out of bed each day!

Something I do every single day: Leave my computer at 5 pm and head off with my dog and husband, Adam for a walk through the Adelaide Hills wineries, hedges and gorgeous country lanes with the smell of wood fire in the air.

I couldn’t live without: My faith and husband x

The person most influential to me: This is such a great question and I’d have to say (as soppy as it sounds) my husband. He’s one of the wisest guys I’ve ever met and is incredibly generous and humble.  Because of this, we’ve been able to bless so many people and I gotta say, that makes what I do very worthwhile!

My spirit animal: Dogs are hands-down the most amazing non-human creatures on the planet!  I wish we could have 10 🙂

I’m currently reading or listening to: Trashy girly novels – am I allowed to say that?!  I LOVE reading fiction that is almost so predictable its bad because its my chance to completely escape and use zero brainpower.  Because I love what I do, I find it hard to not think about my business but when I’m reading, I can lose myself in the story for hours.  On holidays, I often get through a book a day and as I’m a pro-“touch-and-feel” book kinda person, it unfortunately makes my luggage incredibly heavy!

Want more great info from Grace?  There’s lots of ways you can find her!  Visit her website or you can check out her Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  To learn more about The Doing School click here.

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Written by Lauren

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