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Unbeleafable Yoga Mats

The Kind Tribe is breaking into a sweating over these cork yoga mats

Time to play a quick game of word association.  We show you a word and you just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind.  Ready, here goes… “Cork!”


Sure, obvious choice.  Let’s try it again.  Whats the second word that comes to mind?

Wine again. 

Um ok, how about a third?

Yoga mat! 

That last one wasn’t what you were expecting? Let’s connect the dots, shall we?

Cork doesn’t just pair perfectly with your post-yoga glass of wine anymore.  Cork now goes hand in hand with your yoga practice as well.  And cue Cork Leaf, the first Australian company making yoga mats entirely from natural and recycled cork, backed with natural tree rubber.  Sure, it sounds nifty, but what does that mean?

The yoga mats: They’re eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable.   So your future yoga mat isn’t made from synthetics, chemicals and unnatural adhesives.  Also, it won’t take until roughly sometime next millennium to decompose which is super great.  They’re made from cork pieces mashed together, which makes for a smooth yet grippy mat.  Your downward dog won’t be going for a walk anymore.  Oh yeah, and they send you a strap as well, and all the goodies are wrapped in – spoiler alert – recycled and/or recyclable packaging.

Why cork: It gets along great with yoga because it’s antimicrobial.  So while it’s friends with your workout, it’s simultaneously not friends with things like mould, mildew and sweat.

Tree pose for the trees: Cork Leaf plants a tree for every yoga mat purchased.   These mats are also safe to compost once they’ve reached their final sun salutation.  Or better yet, if you fancy having a crafternoon, you can check out a whole list of ideas for skipping the landfill repurposing your mat into something new.  Cork accessories, here we come.

Mother Nature is nodding her head.


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Written by Lauren

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