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The Kind Tribe Q&A’s with Lyndi Cohen

This month we're Q&A'ing with The Nude Nutritionist Lyndi Cohen, and she talks about the ultimate in balancing acts.


Food.  It’s great.  Necessary even.  And there seems to be a whole world of options and philosophies these days.  Paleo, keto, high fat, high carb, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, intermittent fasting, raw foods, warrior diet… have you gone cross eyed yet?  Yeah, us too.  When did it all get so complicated?  And can’t we all just get along?  Well, the reality is that different things work for different folks.  But one thing we can all benefit from is one thing we often overlook.  A little more balance.  Remember that whole thing?  And can it really be that simple?  No counting, weighing, measuring or forbidding.  Often times the best answer is the obvious one.  So perhaps we can all meet at that middle ground.  Some more moderation, balance and sustainability might just be the key to finding, well, the perfect balance.

With that in mind we’re chatting to Lyndi Cohen, Sydney based Nutritionist, wholefoods Dietitian and TV/media Nutritionist.   You can find Lyndi as a Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution Ambassador, a regular nutrition consultant on Channel 9’s Today Extra and on The Kind Tribe (wink wink).  She’s also recently teamed up for a very exciting partnership with Soul Origin as an Ambassador and Nutritionist.  As a non-believer in “diets”, Lyndi’s mantra of “everything in moderation”, eating mindfully, incorporating wholefoods and eating foods you enjoy is perfectly aligned with Soul Origin’s own food philosophy.  Read on to find our Lyndi’s answers to our Q&A…

As a dietitian, I don’t believe you have to miss out on the foods you love to be healthy. Eating well is about filling up on plenty of fresh, healthy food and eating mindfully says Lyndi.

I’m known as the Nude Nutritionist because: Growing up, I always struggled with my weight. I was a yo-yo dieter, emotional eater and was 20kg overweight. I guess you could say healthy eating never came easily to me… It was frustrating and emotionally draining constantly losing and then regaining the same weight. Eventually, I quit dieting and stopped punishing myself for having an ‘imperfect’ body. It was the best thing I have ever did because soon enough, healthy eating started being enjoyable.

I think healthy eating has become so complicated and confusing these days. I started The Nude Nutritionist as a way to strip back complicated nutrition information and help people, just like me, who feel let down by diets and who want to feel confident and comfortable in their body.

The Nude Nutritionist is about stripping nutrition back to the bare basics – the stuff that really matters.

Something I eat every day is: I drink coffee everyday (always with real chocolate flakes on the top)!

My on the go snack is: Greek yoghurt with a handful of seeds and nuts.

3 words that best describe me: Playful. Positive. Confident.

My go to athleticwear brand is: Nimble Activewear because it’s a beautifully designed Aussie brand.

One food I’d never give up: Chocolate. You could take my arm away from me before you took away chocolate… After my husband, it’s my one true love.

The best part about my job is: Getting paid to eat food. Seriously though – I love food.

My nutrition philosophy in one sentence: Eat everything in moderation and love everything you eat.

I’m inspired by: People who are willing to give up diets and take the time to change their relationship with food. It’s brave but it’s so inspiring to see the change that happens.

Dine in or eat out: Dine in! I love having my friends and family over for dinner.

One thing I wish I’d known from the start: You don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect before starting. If you do, you’ll be waiting for forever! Being healthy or successful isn’t a destination and there is no moment when you will ‘arrive’ so you need to take the leap before you feel ready. I now do things every day that challenge my comfort zone. Generally when things feel uncomfortable, a bit scary or foreign – that’s when real growth happens and the magic begins.  Just breath deeply and be brave!

My spirit animal is: I’m not sure if I like this yet but I’ve been told my spirit animal is a peacock! Haha. I like to think I am a peacock because I’m colourful and vibrant… but it may be because I like to perform.

I’m currently reading: Mama Mia by Mia Freedman and What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey.

Want to see even more from Lyndi?  Check out her website or find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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Written by Lauren

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