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…Oh, those are just a few reactions people will likely have when they see your new handbag from MYDEERFOX.

These beauties are coming to us by way of Auckland, and they’re proving that DIY isn’t just reserved for corralling your friends into helping you decipher furniture instruction hieroglyphics anymore.  Nope.  Welcome to a new take on an old favourite.  MYDEERFOX is making classic leather bags and accessories that you’ll be wanting to get your hands on and your belongings inside.

Founder and creative mastermind Lisa Li was Kind enough to share her vision with us:

The concept looks at a different kind of craftsmanship.  The process includes exploring a variety of materials, working with a colour palette which we developed on our own with leathersmiths and developing a series of unique and precise templates.  This then allows the bags to be assembled by anyone with just the hardwares and a screwdriver, which opens up the possibilities of a more social making-process.

MYDEERFOX is very much just a seedling of an idea with a vision to bring people closer to each other through our assembling process whilst on our aesthetic pursuit for refinement with an edge.

To paraphrase: Must have.


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Written by Lauren

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