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You’re probably feeling pretty well acquainted with 2017 by now.  Past that point where you’re still writing 2016 on everything?  Great.  That can be a trying time.  And now you’re confident enough to take your calendar game to the next level?  You also have equal parts love for both stationery and good vibes?  These questions are mostly rhetorical.

Alright, now seems like the logical time to introduce Made From Good Deeds.  They’ve designed a range of minimalist stationery and homeware products that inspire positive living.  Whether it’s a desk calendar that encourages good deeds or a simple wall hanger that displays your favourite prints, Made From Good Deeds is all about spreading good vibes, collaborations and simple living.

Just look at their stuff (which you can do below)… Sustainable materials, minimal waste, handmade, feel-good inspiration.  It pretty much says “this was made from good deeds.”  Wait…  It does say that.  Ok, well, preemptive strike.  Good.  Very good.

The creative masterminds behind Made From Good Deeds are comprised of a brother sister dynamic duo.  Between a background in furniture design/making (woodworking) and a graphic designer, collaborations between the two just naturally seemed to transpire.  This all culminated in MFGD, and their philosophy which they shared with us:

In a world full of negativity and challenges, we believe that every person can improve the lives of others and make a positive difference through small acts of kindness.

So a couple of years ago we decided to collaborate on a stationery product that was beautiful and simple in design yet also had a positive element attached to it.  As a result our desk calendar came to life – where each month we included 3 small acts of kindness to inspire people to participate in – eg. leave a $5 note in a random library book, shout a stranger coffee etc – all for the simple reason of putting a smile on someone’s face and making a difference as you go about your day.  This is how we got the name Made From Good Deeds.

All of our products are currently designed and handmade in Australia. We’re also passionate about giving back to our community and supporting local businesses – ensuring that we use quality materials and processes, and develop strong relationships with our suppliers. Our vision is to continue creating simple and minimal stationery and homeware products that make a difference through function, form and inspiration.

Speaking of calendars, Made From Good Deeds has been spreading good vibes since 2014.  On paper anyway.  We’d be willing to wager that they’ve been doing that in an unofficial capacity for way longer.


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Let The Good Vibes Roll...

Written by Lauren

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