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Naked Foods Organic Health Foods
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Let’s Get Naked

Naked Foods shows us their bits.

Nudity has been around for a while.  Like a really long while.  Longer than any of us can personally remember.  This is dawn of time sort of territory.  Let’s go all history lesson for a moment shall we?

Historic depictions of the point were making:

2nd Century AD: Statue of Dionysus holding grapes

1991: Macaroni art we made for our parents

2014: Naked Foods

Oh.  Wow.  You thought we were talking about humans didn’t you?  Yeah we meant food.  Naked food.  And right now we’re going to focus on the last one of our examples.

This place is basically build your own muesli ground zero.  But that name doesn’t sound quite as catchy.  What does sound catchy is wholesale prices on bulk organic products.  And they’ve got precisely a countless number in stock.  All you do is brown bag it (or glass jar it), weigh it and enjoy it.

So, for all those times when your recipe called for: a pinch of cinnamon, a dash of vanilla, about 12 other assorted spices in minuscule measurements, 4 dates and a kilo of cashews, they’ve got you.  For all those times you wanted to make the most epic smoothie ever created but didn’t want to spend roughly your next 2 paychecks purchasing the ingredients, they’ve got you.  For all those times you wanted to buy a months worth of mixed nuts in one go, they’ve got you.  For all those times you only wanted one square of chocolate (Really?  Honestly?  Only one?), they’ve got you.  Ok, cool.  You get the idea.

Naked food is is all about “taking it all off” and stripping the unhealthy food from your diet. Think unprocessed and unpolluted eating.  Your food is getting undressed from modern packaging and processing.  That means neither you nor Mother Nature are paying the price.

Try spicing up (boom) the beginning of your week with Naked Mondays and take an extra 20% off your purchases.  Monday, you sexy thing you.

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Written by Lauren

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