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Extraordinary Ordinary Day
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Extraordinary Footwear Alert!

Say hello to the shoes you'll be matching your entire wardrobe with.

Allow us to make an assumption, if we may be so bold.

Assumption as follows: You may be, at this very moment, be having a rather ordinary day.  Well, stop right there.  We Tribers have a flare for the extraordinary, and we like to share that with you.  But then, what are friends for right?

We give you Extraordinary Ordinary Day.  This one goes out to all the ladies.  And also any guys that are into women’s footwear.  Hey people, we’re not here to judge.

These babies are designed in Sydney, but they have got some serious Seoul.  And we aren’t talking soul, as in you can boogie down in them.  Or sole, as in literally, they have soles.  Both of which are factual statements.  What we mean is they are handmade in Seoul, Korea with high quality materials with a combination of style and comfort in mind.

They’re not only blurring the line between work and play, they’re blurring the line between want and need.  But if you’re going to walk that fine line, it may as well be in really Extraordinary shoes.  As always it’s all about balance y’all.

So as the saying goes: If the shoe fits, wear it.

Sound advice, indeed.

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Written by Lauren

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