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Harry’s Bar & Dining
2/136 Wairoa Avenue
Bondi Beach, NSW
(02) 9130 2180
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Harry’s Bondi is Making a Splash

The tide has turned at Harry's.

We all love a good success story.  And this is the tale of the little cafe that could.  Now, a brief walk down memory lane if we may… Harry’s has gone from a convenience store, to a small cafe, to it’s most current revamp as an innovative and sophisticated eatery.  Staying true to their beginnings, it’s a handsome timber and brick type of establishment with classic honeycomb tiles and embellishments (we dub thee Harry’s Honeycomb) and just enough outdoor seating and open air to remind you that you’re situated at the intersection of delicious food and oceanfront.

The team at the helm are shining the spotlight on seasonal wholefoods, local produce, nourishing dishes and unique flavours.  And these are all things which look very good in the spotlight.  On that note, lets go ahead and dip our toes into the menu.

  • The quinoa corn fritters.  Take it from a fritter connoisseur (Self proclaimed.  Still legit.) that your taste buds would appreciate a closer inspection.  It’s a bit of a deconstructed assembly which, as it turns out, is really favourable.  It allows you to skip over the all too time consuming and tedious task of cutting, and instead, moves you right along to the food-on-fork-in-mouth part.  Generally considered a highlight of the eating process.
  • The cacao hotcakes.  Basically anytime you mention Harry’s Bondi to basically anyone at all, the instantaneous/in a single breath/punctuation no longer exists response you get is, “OH HARRY’S THE HOTCAKES ARE REALLY GOOD!”  Guess what?  The hotcakes are really good.  Majority rules here.  You can swing by the gallery below for a visual representation.
  • Golden Latte.  This is a cafe.  A cafe in Bondi.  We hardly need to acknowledge that their coffee is a really exciting, house roasted and custom blend (See what we did there?  We just acknowledged in a non-acknowledgey sort of way).  Again, just to reiterate, this is a cafe in Bondi. Golden lattes are held in almost the same high expectations category.  This particular one delivers.  It’s put together with house-made almond milk, tumeric, ginger and honey and falls right into liquid gold territory.
  • Kombucha, house-made sodas, smoothies and cold-pressed juices galore.  There’s just so many varieties of glasses to clink with your friends in salute to a successful beach day.
  • Bottomless sparkling H20.  Because the precise right amount of any libation is “bottomless.”

Did you saved room for more?  We sure hope so, because Harry’s has concocted a chia pudding recipe to tide you over.

Harry’s Heavenly Coconut Chia Pudding

1 3/4 cups or 400ml coconut milk
1 1/3 tbsp agave or coconut nectar
1/3 cup or 60g white chia seeds
2 cups and 1 tbsp or 500g coconut yoghurt
Raw granola, seasonal fruits for garnish

Whisk coconut milk and agave nectar together with chia seeds and allow to bloom in the fridge for two hours
Whisk in coconut yoghurt and allow to set overnight
Serve with raw granola and seasonal fruit

Next level: If you guessed edible flowers… it’s edible flowers.  The answer is always add edible flowers.

Instagram eat your heart out.


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Cacao hotcakes and other assorted delights...

Written by Lauren

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