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The Kind Tribe Q&A’s with Dr Tim Sharp

This month we're chatting with Dr Happy himself.  Positive Psychologist, happiness guru and wellness coach Dr Tim Sharp.

They say happiness comes in many forms.  Well, this month it’s coming to us from Dr Tim Sharp.  Dr Sharp is the Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at The Happiness Institute, which is Australia’s largest organisation devoted solely to enhancing happiness in individuals, families and fellow organisations.  A sought after public speaker, corporate coach and regular on Australian and International TV, Dr Happy is widely regarded as a leader in mental health and the authority on all things happiness in Australia.  He is also an Adjunct Professor of Positive Psychology at UTS and RMIT University.  Of particular interest is promoting happiness at work and encouraging healthy lifestyle through the application of Positive Psychology principles.  We can also add best selling author of many books to his long list of accomplishments, including: The Happiness Handbook100 Ways to Happy Children: A Guide for Busy Parents and Live Happier and Longer: A Guide to Positive Aging.  As an aside, this may be the record for the most uses of the word “happy” in one paragraph.  Which makes us exceedingly… happy.

To put it lightly, The Kind Tribe is most certainly loving his vibe.  Read on to check out Dr Happy’s answers to our Q&A…

In one sentence Positive Psychology means: Positive Psychology is the science of thriving and flourishing; and my work is about applying this science to help people live happier and better lives… their best possible lives!

The quality I admire most in others: The ability to love and be loved.               

The first 3 things I do when I get up in the morning: Shower (which for me is a form of meditation); eat a healthy breakfast; and as soon as possible… exercise.

The best part about my workday: Having the opportunity, on a daily basis, to help others determine and achieve their potential.  And along the way, I get to meet some of the most amazing and inspirational people!

My favourite way to exercise: Gym based… and a combination of strength /resistance training and aerobic or high intensity interval training.

My all-time favourite book: I’m an avid reader, so this is VERY difficult to choose just one.  But if forced, I’d say The Little Prince 

Gratitude improves my life by: Making me happier, more connected to loved ones and friends, and more generous and altruistic.

The person who influenced me most is: Personally, it’s my wife… who each and every day inspires me to be more patient, tolerant, loving and generous.  Professionally, it was my PhD supervisor who was also my employer and mentor for close to a decade and who taught me so much about how to work with, and manage other people.

The most important habit I’ve formed: The habit of forming positive habits… which for me includes exercise, the practice of gratitude, mindfulness and more.

At least once week for my health I: Tell someone how much I appreciate them in my life.

My personal mantra: Happiness isn’t just feeling good; it’s also doing good.

My spirit animal is: Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not sure I have one 🙂

I’m currently reading: Several books (as always)… Presence by Amy Cuddy, 101 Zen Stories. And An Artist of the Floating World by Kazuo Ishiguro (because my daughter is reading it at school, and it’s a great way to connect with her).

To see more from Dr Happy, visit The Happiness Institute or

Dr Tim is Chief Happiness Officer of two charities.  One is AIME, which (in short) provides mentoring programs to help more Indigenous kids complete High School, go on to University and ultimately, have better opportunities in life.  The second is Batyr, which does fantastic work in schools and universities breaking stigma associated with mental ill-health.  Any of our superstar friends and readers that would like to join him in supporting these organisations, please follow the links above.

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Written by Lauren

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