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Golden Grind
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Stay Golden With Golden Grind

Golden Grind has created a super product to make all your DIY golden latte dreams come true.

Tumeric lattes.  The yellow tongue inducing wonder beverage that we all know and love.  They could basically be summed up as warm, delicious, liquid health… with a dash of cinnamon.  We’ve all probably had one.  Or a thousand, let’s be realistic here.  It’s one of those things that makes people track down the nearest waiter, employee or barista and say, “I want whatever that is.”  But wouldn’t it be nice to concoct your own liquid gold?

And with that leading question may we present Golden Grind.  They’ve done the hard work so that you can get on to other things.  Things like serving up the perfect golden latte right in your kitchen.  Sounds promising.  The health-conscious gang behind Golden Grind had the absolutely golden idea to craft a perfectly portioned powder by creating a ready-made mix.  It’s the answer to all your DIY turmeric milk or golden latte prayers.  Hallelujah.

Say so long to mysteries like the precise portions, exact ingredients and who knows what other sorcery it takes to make one of these.  Golden Grind wants to make it easy for you to rise and grind.

Golden lattes are a quintessential hug in a mug. Or a glass.

The Golden Gang were kind enough to give us the scoop on how this all came to be:

Formulated by food scientists and dietitians, Golden Grind celebrates its hero ingredient, turmeric, by using the highest quality grade of the spice from crops they sourced themselves in India. Organic and fair trade, the turmeric in Golden Grind contains over 5% active curcumin, the wonder molecule responsible for all the health benefits.

Curcumin is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and illness preventer.

Golden Grind came to life after a Melbourne family, running an ethical café, couldn’t keep up with orders of the yellow drink sensation called golden lattes.

Yeah, there’s a latte like here.

The Golden Gang is also sharing their know-how on making your own.  Muster all your beverage assembly expertise, and read on to see how to whip up the perfect mellow yellow.

At Home Golden Latte

Get 1/2 teaspoon of Golden Grind
Put in a cup
Add about 3 teaspoons of hot water (Enough to make a paste with the Golden Grind powder)
Mix the Golden Grind powder with the hot water into a paste
Add warmed Milk (or mylk) to fill up the cup and stir
Pop some cinnamon on top
Sip and enjoy
Smile – you’ve just made your insides healthier
Pro tip: Use a blender or shaker for the perfect amount of foamy goodness


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Written by Lauren

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