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Collective Roasting Solutions Brew Bar
177 Enmore Road
Enmore, NSW 2042
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Coffee Pourfection Is Causing A Stir In Enmore

Is that a caffeine buzz we’re feeling?  Or is it coffee lovers buzzing with excitement over an innovative pop-up Brew Bar in Enmore?  Created by the team at Collective Roasting Solutions, this Brew Bar is the first time their expertise has been available to the general public.

Collective Roasting Solutions, is basically what the name implies.  What a concept.  They provide their members with access to a high-tech collective roasting facility.  And they’re at the forefront of the co-operative coffee roasting movement, allowing brands/members of this collective to create their own ‘blends’ and coffee philosophy in a collaborative and sustainable environment.  Super cool.

Who are these CRS members, you may be wondering?  Well, it’s a distinguished crowd, comprised of many beloved coffee darlings.  Circa Espresso, Edition Roasters, Artificer, Skittle Lane, Harry’s Bondi to name a few.

The Brew Bar’s vast selection, welcoming team and casual feel make it accessible to bean aficionados and general caffeine consumers alike.  Pretty much anyone that enjoys a cup of coffee will feel right at home here.

As the old saying goes, good things come in small cafes.  And their charm per square meter ratio is exceedingly high.  The Brew Bar has a clean white walls with light oaky timbers and high ceilings type of interior.  The kind that makes their bright, airy atmosphere seem pretty much effortless.  It’s minimal decor and maximum focus on coffee.  Which is just fine.  There’s ample seating, so pull up a chair or have a peruse at the coffee gadgetry.  You’ll notice letters/characters of the multi-lingual variety adorning the wall (visuals in the photo gallery below).  We’ve gone ahead and done the translating for you.  It spells out Collective Roasting Solutions in various languages from around the world.  And on that note, excuse us while we pick our collective jaw up off the floor.  This is basically the decor equivalent of a mic drop.  Style points, cool points, smarty pants points, everything points.

To sum it up CRS’s Brew Bar is perfect opportunity to sample and purchase coffee and beans from Australia’s best roasters, all under one roof.  Or one collective place, if you will.  Honestly, picking only one option seems almost unrealistic.  But if you must, they’ll be doing a featured roaster of the week.  So that would probably be a good place to start.  Coffee to drink, coffee to try, coffee to buy, Nutorious cookies with a bespoke coffee filling… anyone noticing a theme here?  This place is basically everything you could ask for from a cafe when it comes to coffee.  They seem to have the whole ‘solutions’ thing down pat.  For CRS owner, coffee lover and roasting guru Nawar Adra, the CRS Brew Bar is about showcasing coffee from the collective members in one space.

We want to add value to the brands we work with and promote the amazing things they’re doing with coffee in one place for people to enjoy, Adra says.

Yeah, nailed it.

The Brew Bar will say adieu at the end of March, so pop in before they tap out.  So many brews, so little time.

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Written by Lauren

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