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Cork & Chroma
55 Holt Street
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
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Cork & Chroma. Drink Wine And Design. This Has A Nice Ring To It.

Art studio group paint classes should really be more of a thing.  Wait.  Let’s refine that.  BYO art studio group paint classes should really be more of a thing.  And now they are.  We exhale a sigh of relief.

Here comes Cork & Chroma to get your creative juices flowing right along side your grape juices.  Gather your friends and your favourite bottle of liquid inspiration, and you’re ready to put the art in party.

Let’s talk about the vibe.  Cork & Chroma is a ‘sip and paint’ studio.  You’ll do both as you take on the basic techniques of painting with acrylics on canvas.  Each session is led with step by step instruction and plenty of room for your own “personalised touches”.  Or as we like to think of it, creative interpretation.  The canvas, paints, brushes, easels and glassware all come provided, and there are nibbles for purchase.  The closest you’ll get to a tormented artist situation is the indecision you’ll feel over whether to bring red wine or white.  Bring both.

It’s really a BYO situation?  It’s BYO.  Just reiterating.

I fall into the category of “artistically challenged”.  It’s a basic fact of life that wine makes everything look better.  Think of it like viewing your artwork through rose coloured glasses.  Or rosé coloured glasses.  Besides, no one ever said art is meant to be understood.

The fine print.  Drink.  Paint.  Just don’t drink the paint.  Seems manageable.  Oh, and definitely have fun too.  As though you needed a reminder.

I can’t believe how well this actually came out.  At the end of the session, the masterpiece you’ve created is yours to take home with you.  Perhaps hang it above your mantel as a conversation piece.  Wait, you have a mantel?  Impressive.  Or perhaps yours falls more into the category of refrigerator art.  That’s fine, you can hang it there too.  Your fridge, your rules.

Written by Lauren