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Suzie Q Coffee & Records
1/18 Hutchinson Street
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
(02) 9332 2739
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Brunch Sounds Good

Good food, good music, good coffee. Good idea.

If there’s two things we love in this world it’s good brunch and good music.  When these essentials combine into one delightfully appealing café, they have us eating right out of their hands.  Or off their plates.  Either.

Don’t let the inconspicuous nature outside fool you; you’re greeted with an entire-wall-encompassing black and white Elliott Landy photographic mural of Woodstock the moment you step inside.  That should put you at ease.  But it gets better.  Your menu (this is, as it turns out, the food equivalent of a tracklist.  You know, in case of any confusion) arrives enclosed in a record sleeve.  So, significant cool points straight out of the gate.  You’ll notice as you peruse that the dishes are cleverly named, which is a relief, because after all that we’d be slightly disappointed by anything less.  Alright, let’s move on to the finer points.

The Ambiance: In terms of general life clarity, for all those times you’ve found yourself wondering if a nautical/rock and roll hybrid decor would work, let’s set the record straight right now.  It does.  As an aside, pun not intended, but that came together so darn nicely.

The Food: In the world of gluten free alternatives, allow us to perhaps be the first to make the bold statement that polenta is totally underappreciated and underutilized.  Well rejoice, it finally has it’s long overdue moment to shine.  Take notice, yucca. In the world of non gluten free alternatives, the rhubarb muffin.  More generally speaking, it’s a seasonal menu sort of scenario.  We like those sort of scenarios.

The Coffee: Even if these baristas had never laid eyes on a coffee bean in their lives, their general appearance would have us delightfully fooled.  It’s a whole world of denim smocks meet trendy button ups meets perfectly groomed facial hair.  They may have written the manual on how to look like a coffee aficionado.*
*Please note that the coffee is, in fact, superb.  No surprise there.

The Wine:  They have wine.  Delicious wine. And beer.  And cider.  Rejoice.

We may as well go ahead and put Suzie Q on our Greatest Hits of Brunch Volume 1.


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Written by Lauren

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