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The Kind Tribe gets cozy with Into The Fold

Flower beds.  They’re a perfect way to accentuate your indoor and/or outdoor space.

Ok, great.  Now that we’ve all agreed on that, move aside flower beds.  You’ve run the show for long enough.  Today we sidestep flower beds to focus on greener pastures.  More specifically cactus bedding.  Concerned for your comfort?  Don’t be.

Into The Fold is bringing you quirky cushions and bedding.  The makers of these original pillow cushions, which they’ve officially dubbed the “Floorie,” are mixing funky prints and monochromatic style with durable fabrics to create versatile pieces for both indoor and outdoor use.  It’s weatherproof meets style.  A combination that’s generally considered more illusive than a unicorn sighting.  Let’s move on to the finer points.

Situations they’re ideal for:

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Indoor furniture
  • Children
  • Floors (it’s called a floorie for a reason, people)
  • Pets
  • Your champagne/coffee/breakfast/green juice in bed decisions

As an amusing aside, their website has tally which tracks the number of:

  • Floories sold
  • Cups of coffee consumed
  • Instagram followers

…We assume all of these things are directly correlated.  Fun points for that.

Go further moment: Into The Fold proudly supports Rafiki Mwema

It’s pretty safe to say you won’t be losing any sleep over this decision.



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Written by Lauren

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