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Bondi Wholefoods
30a Hastings Parade
North Bondi Beach, NSW 2026
(02) 9300 6776
Official Website

Paleo Bread. And a Whole Bunch of Wholefoods.

Oh Bondi Wholefoods, you rock.  We could probably sum this whole thing up in two words and have it go down in history as the most short, sweet and to the point article that’s ever been created.

Are you ready for it… pause for dramatic effect…

Paleo Bread.

The end.  Wow, great chat people.

Not so fast.  What is this scrumptious oxymoron you may be wondering?  It’s a savoury almond meal and veggie-based delight that is so yummy it comes with a warning on the menu stating that it is, in fact, addictive.  So proceed with caution.  Totally kidding, throw caution to the wind and order a full serving immediately.  Yeah, ok we’re hooked.

But then, Bondi Wholefoods has so much edible greatness that we can’t, in good conscience, just stop there.  We wouldn’t want you to miss out on devouring delicious morsels of information like:

  • A grocery store.  It’s stocked with a pretty massive range of products to eat, put on yourself and stock your home with.  Much like one might expect to find in a grocery store.  But everything is healthy.  Have a browse around, you’ll see what we mean.  There’s definitely worse ways to kill time while waiting for your food.
  • Their selection of raw and/or healthy treats.  We’ve found ourselves panting on the glass display cases on more than one occasion.  Prepare to hear yourself saying things like, “… but how can something with no refined sugar, dairy or gluten taste so damn good?” or, “mmmmmmohmygosh.”  You know, stuff like that.
  • An entire menu page devoted to smoothies.  That’s a serious quantity of menu real estate to devote to this liquid art form.  But rightly so.  If the goal is to play to your strengths, they’re ticking that box.  And as though that wasn’t quite enough, they’ve included the better part of a second menu page to smoothie add-in’s.  In case you decide that your Carob Maca Hazelnut Smoothie could use an organic chlorella-infused kick.
  • Brunch and lunch items aplenty, most of which come with adjectives like: fermented, homemade, free range, biodynamic, gluten free.  It’s like they want you to eat fresh, healthy food and then they make that as easy as possible to do.  What a concept.

Seriously though.  Paleo Bread.  The end.

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Written by Lauren

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