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The Bread Rises and Shines at Bake Bar

The Kind Tribe is breaking bread with Bake Bar. Plus a very special The Kind Tribe Q&A with Bake Bar Founder Gili Gold.

Owner and Head Baker Gili Gold


Bake Bar is proving that the best thing since sliced bread… is still sliced bread.  Hey, you can’t beat a classic.  But you can do it really really well.  And enter Bake Bar, who appear to have cooked up the recipe for success with their simple yet effective approach to their food, stores and well, pretty much everything they do.

Born in Randwick in 2012, the past few years have given rise (yes, bread pun.) to Bake Bar’s Alexandria venue, which plays host to the business’ boutique wholesale operation as well as a consumer storefront and also to their largest store yet, located in Double Bay.  It’s the kind of place that manages to pull off a bustling atmosphere all day every day, regardless of the time of day.  It’s no wonder though; aromas do the talking around here.  The wafting cloud of fresh baked carbs mixed with Gusto coffee beans pretty much force you to move in for closer inspection.  Upon which you’ll find high ceilings and high table tops of the long and glossy variety with ample seating for the continual flow of devotees.  Energy-efficient lamps (that we are completely obsessed with) shine light on clean, white tile walls that just so happen to be lined with bread baskets.  A delightful reminder that edible decor is generally the best decor.

Through the open bakery windows, you’ll be able to play Eye Spy with fresh delectables being cooked right then and there.  They make a wide variety of organic breads, and sweet and savoury pastries that are baked throughout the day.  Because literally speaking, watching your food being prepared in front of you makes it taste infinity times more satisfying.

Famous breads, handcrafted baked goods and pastries are just the tip of this food iceberg though.   If you’re looking for gluten free options they have them.  In copious amounts.  If you’re looking for pretty much anything else, they’ll have that too.  Breads are a standout here, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t save room.  They’ve got loads of other menu items… most of which come with bread.  And who says we can’t have it all?  The uncomplicated seasonal café menu features European and Mediterranean influences and includes Bake Bar’s signature shakshuka, delicious brekkie rolls, house-made pasta, sandwiches, salads and soups, all made without any preservatives or additives.  It’s a sustainable wholefoods vision across all of the stores.  And yeah, we like what we see.

Our philosophy of using only fresh, organic produce is proving hugely popular, says co-owner Amir Regev.  Our customers often tell us how much they appreciate the love, care, and passion the team puts into every element of the Bake Bar experience.

That’s a wrap.  Or a bread roll.  And keep right on rolling down below to check out Gili’s answers to our Q&A, and of course, an appetite-inducing look through their menu items.

What success means to me: Success is doing what you love to do every day – and having the knowledge to do it.

My favourite food to prepare: I honestly don’t think I have a favourite. I like them all. And I love the challenge of making a new product from scratch – figuring out the flavours and the balance.

Sweet or Savoury: Both! I must have a sweet after eating something savoury.

My biggest motivator is: My passion, my workers, my friends, family and customers

My staple food: All types of bread

My passion for baking came from: My heart

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Take a visual stroll through Bake Bar's options galore...

Written by Lauren

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