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Luxe Bath & Body Products Inspired By Ancient Beauty Rituals

Informed and inspired by both time-honoured traditions and contemporary experiences. We're intrigued.

Sure, you could spend years traveling to different countries, immersing yourself in old and new customs, searching remote areas for the highest quality of ingredients.  And all this in pursuit of one driving force.   Luxurious, restorative bath products.  You definitely could.  But you don’t need to.

Instead, APSU has done all the leg work for you, creating the ultimate in luxury body products informed and inspired by both time-honoured traditions and contemporary experiences of personal bathing luxuries from around the world.   Literally all that’s left for you to do is kick back and relax.  Which is precisely the idea.

How, you might be wondering, did this all come together?  The founders of APSU traveled the globe for many years, immersing themselves in a variety of cultures to understand the unique beauty practices and treatments undertaken throughout time.  Hey, rough gig, but someone’s gotta do it.  And the result of all this?  They’re bringing to life the art of ancient beauty rituals from around the world, formulated using the highest quality ingredients possible.  Combining influences from the East and West, it’s a very real best of both worlds sort of situation.

APSU have developed two product collections, Funaya and Varanasi.  Before you reach for a translator or esoteric text, we’ve got the details below.

The Option: Funaya range
These incorporate traditional Japanese practices and ingredients into a series of contemporary spa products, designed to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

The Funaya range operates on the less is more philosophy, using three core ingredients: Yuzu, Green Tea and Hinoki Oil.  These elements provide unrivaled benefits to the body, which are not only nurturing to the skin, but also help to ease muscle tension and allow the body to restore while working to their full effect.

The Option: Varanasi range
These draw from Hindu culture and are inspired by the golden goddess Annapurna, Queen of Varanasi.  As a fun fact, Annapurna is the goddess of nourishment.  And our eyebrows raise in delighted curiosity.

The hero ingredient in the Varanasi collection is 24ct gold.  You probably didn’t see that one coming.  Beyond the fact that having gold leaf in your bath products is an epic talking point, it’s also credited to assist the body in the absorption of vitamins and minerals while also offering balance to the mind.

Not to be overshadowed, these products offer a stand out line up of additional ingredients ranging from: Rose, jasmine, wood and citrus oils, Pink Clay and Himalaya Salt, avocado and almond butters.

Wildcard Option: Try both.
We’re way too relaxed to make any tough decisions right now.


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Written by Lauren

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