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Oh hey, come on in!  Welcome to the Tribe.  Our belief is that kindness is the new wellness.

We like to say that everyone here is cut from the same athleticwear cloth, and this is our big online playground.  Just because we think the products and people we support are seriously awesome, doesn’t mean that we take ourselves too seriously.  This is your kindly reminder that living a healthy lifestyle totally rocks. And a big part of being kind to yourself and others means enjoying the heck out of every day.  We like fun here, and we like it in copious amounts.  In fact, smiling until our cheeks hurt is our preferred overuse injury.

If you love wellness, think that the best color is glitter, believe that mermaids are real, or any combination there of, then you’re in luck. You’ve come to the right place. Just like going to the gym, we want you to leave here feeling better than when you arrived.  Our hope is that you enjoy our content, love the products we bring to you, learn some new stuff, and laugh your way to a six pack.

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Meet the Tribe


Lauren Wright

Editor and Blondetreprenuer

Lauren is completely unfamiliar with the concept of "inside voices." Her favourite things include: olives and vanilla candles [note: separately]. She's probably somewhere petting someone's dog right now. Lauren also occasionally writes about herself in the third person.

Behind the Tribe

kindness criteria

This is something we hold near and dear to our hearts.  We make sure that the Kind Tribe arrow always points back to these guidelines.  So when you read something on our site, rest assured that these boxes have been ticked. 

Promotes positivity, health and wellness: We can start with the obvious one, people.  This is what we live and breathe.

Socially Conscious: This means that we support brands that support things like the environment, their employees, charitable causes.  You know, little things like that.

Authenticity: You know what never goes out of style?  Being yourself.  We like brands that aren’t afraid to swim against the current and do things their own way.

Reliability: We are committed to delivering consistent and quality support to our Tribe and superstar clients.  This also means that we build relationships with businesses that value their customers and the integrity of their work.  It’s quality over quantity for us.

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